Information season 2018/19

The Swiss-Ski Audi Ski Cross Tour, which was brought into being in 2009, forms the central element of national organisation in the ski cross discipline. The tour comprises European Cup, FIS and Open races – a total of 14 race days over six weekends in various geographical regions of Switzerland. The FIS and European Cup races are reserved for licensed skiers, while the Open races also admit fun skiers. The Open races have four categories:


Category Age License
Men / Men U21 lic.* 1998-2002 with FIS Freestyle License
Men Open 1997+ without FIS Freestyle License
Men U21 Open 1998-2002 with FIS Freestyle License
Ladies 2002+ with & without FIS Freestyle License

*”Men licenced” and “Men U21 licenced” are both in the same category at the Open races