We don’t want to keep the good news from you. Following several days of snowfall in Lenk, we’re able to hold our Ski Cross Week. Besides the Open (28.01. and 29.01.2017) and the Kids Cross races (29.01.2017), the European Cup races (26.01. and 27.01.2017) will also be feasible thanks to the positive Snow Control report.

The less welcome news is that, due to the stony substratum and the as yet insufficient snow depth, we’re having to postpone the Kids Cross races of 22.01.2017 in Anzère. The anticipated new date is 19.03.2017, but this is to be confirmed by Thursday.

We’re expecting a strong field of competitors in Lenk and are very pleased to be getting Ski Cross under way into winter with this explosive start.

There are still starting places to be had – enter your name and become part of the show!