Calendar 2015/2016

We are looking forward to the new Skicross Kids Tour season 2015/16. Amazing fights on the skicross slopes during the race is just one of the advantage if you are a participant of the tour. All child get a Give-Away before the race and our sponsors offer also great prices for all the winners! Following stations are fixed:

Date Place Race
27.12.2015 Lenk Ski & Snowboardcross
03.01.2016 Zweisimmen Ski & Snowbaordcross
23.01.2016 Anzère VS Ski & Snowboardcross
06.03.2016 Villars Ski & Snowboardcross
13.03.2016 Hoch-Ybrig Ski & Snowboardcross
03.04.2016 Melchsee-Frutt Tourfinal